Vaccum packaging machine for pillow shape


Introduction5kg rice vacuum packing machine, rice vacuum packaging machine, flatted shape vacuum machine

This vacuum packing machine is to pack dry granular material in grain, food, and pharmacy industries,etc, with two-side vacuum sealing and shaping.

This machine is controlled by computerized instrument and easy to operate & manage. Two chambers design is for higher speed. For example, weighing packing 15kg, you just need to input it 15kg as the target weight and manually place the ready bag to filling spout, then the automatic clamping device will clamp the bag mouth to filling spout. And the machine will automatic weighing and filling 15kg, then, automatic unloading the bag. Then, the bag will drop to vacuum sealing station. Finally, the belt conveyor will transport the filled bags out.


Automatic weighing, filling, shaping and vacuum sealing;

Two-side vacuum packages; with two chambers for higher packing speed;

Reliable performance, friendly interface and easy operation;

grain vacuum packing machine with high filling accuracy and filling speed;

Simple structure, stable performance and easy maintenance;

Online assistance system


Technical Parameters             


Packing weight: 2-5kg

Working temp.:0-40℃

Working Humidity:<90%

Scale valve:2g

Packing accuracy:+0.1-0.2%

Packing speed:>420 bag/hour

Power supply:2.5kw;AC380V/3P,50HZ (Can be customized)

Air supply:0.4-0.8Mpa; 5m³/h

Machine Video

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